PreFabrication Strategies


Maximize productivity by removing bottlenecks.

When incorporated into a project’s build strategy, the prefabrication of Victaulic systems in the fabrication (manufacturing) shop can increase productivity beyond what is achievable in the field.

By removing bottlenecks associated with welding in a fabrication shop, such as flame, fumes and fire watch, Victaulic estimates that fab shop workers can groove and assemble Victaulic systems at the rate of 50 diameter inches per man-hour.


Fabricate pipe at your convenience.

Victaulic Project Management Services provides comprehensive Pipe Cut Sheets to simplify pipe fabrication in the shop and in the field. Pipe markings, lengths and quantity data are provided as a guide to match piping to the drawings, making pipe fabrication as easy as possible.



Reduce material handling and facilitate quicker installations.

Victaulic will deliver products when and where you need them, so less time is needed to sort materials, and more time is available to fabricate pipe.
The service is called “bagging and tagging," and the process includes providing product tagged based on the project’s isometric drawing or plan-section drawing and delivering it where and when you need it.


Maximize transportation capabilities and reduce shipping costs.

In addition to increasing productivity and shop throughput, there are also costs savings associated prefrabricating piping systems using Victaulic product. Unlike welded systems, Victaulic prefabricate parts can be laid flat for shipping which can lead to dramatic costs savings.

Victaulic estimates that projects can save up to 2/3 on shipping costs because Victaulic prefabricated parts can be laid flat for transport.



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