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The Worldwide Standard in Grooved Mechanical Piping Systems

Victaulic grooved piping systems solutions span many markets. Our mechanical pipe joining systems are found around the world in thousands of applications – from commercial pipe installations; industrial process and utility piping; residential and commercial fire protection piping; oil and offshore drilling platforms; coal and mineral mining operations; and water and wastewater plants and facilities.

Since 1925, Victaulic has been at the forefront of innovations in mechanical grooved piping systems, providing numerous patented grooved piping related products that are in use today in multiple business markets around the world. And they all stem from one basic concept - the original mechanical pipe joining system and a steady stream of innovation from Victaulic. Victaulic pipe joining systems such as our grooved fittings and grooved couplings are the most versatile, economical and reliable mechanical pipe joining systems available.

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