Construction Piping Services

  • Construction Piping Services

    Construction Piping Services

    “The services I received from the Victaulic Construction Piping Services team were extremely professional, accurate and user friendly. The scope of work was exactly as requested and made fabrication and shipping very efficient. The schedule exceeded the owners requirements.”

    Jim Moeller, Division Manager - Quality Plus Services

  • CAD File Downloads

    CAD File Downloads

    Victaulic certified content is available in 21 native software platforms. Discover how our content and Revit Add In's can optimize your modeling process. 

  • Drawing Services

    Drawing Services

    "Victaulic Construction Piping Services allowed us to work multiple areas of the project simultaneously. They were prompt and adjusted well to an ever changing workflow. I would use them again."

    Rich F. Reznicek - Senior Project Manager, HT Lyons

  • Fabrication


    Fully maximize your fabrication facility from estimation to pipe on the job utilizing the Victaulic Fabrication Method.  

  • Training


    Victaulic training sessions on Revit and pipe routing will enrich your team and teach them the trusted routing principals to take your business to the next level.

Victaulic Construction Piping Services is your trusted source for best in class content development, training, prefabrication analysis and drawing services. 

Customized services to fit your business needs:

  • Customized Revit and pipe routing training
  • Fabrication Throughput Analysis
  • Software content and Revit Add In’s to streamline your modeling process
  • Drawing services and BIM Coordination

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Victaulic offers data rich, intelligent content without costly design issues or delays.  Learn more about our extensive library of CAD Files and software product content. 

Content is also available within Victaulic Tools for Revit. Visit to learn more about how this innovative Revit add in can streamline your routing process. 


CAD Files

With over 30 years of experience on more than 1500 projects globally, lean on Victaulic for a full range of capabilities, from engineering modeling support, to full BIM coordination. Contact Victaulc today to learn how our capabilities can fit your business needs. 

Drawing Services

Allow Victaulic to help you understand your true Fabrication Costs. Using our trusted fabrication model, we can help you maximize your fabrication efficiency by reducing material handling and streamlining your process.


Contact Victaulic today to schedule your customized modeling training. Our global trainers are the best source for in class workshops, training sessions or demonstrations. Whether you are in need of modeling assistance, BIM process improvement or pipe routing, we are your trusted source for best in class learning.