Data Center Fire Suppression

Data Center Fire Suppression Overview

Providing Fire Protection for Data Centers

Water presence is a driving factor when selecting the appropriate technology for data center fire protection. Protecting sensitive server and electronic hardware represents the protection of significant investments both in information and equipment.


The Victaulic Vortex™ system utilizes approximately 1/4 gallon of water per 1000ft3 of protected space per minute and most fires are suppressed in under three minutes. This small amount of water, mixed and dispersed into the fire space with nitrogen, is pulverized to such small particles (droplets less than 10µ in size) that accumulation is negligible.



Victaulic Vortex Series 953 Emitter

The unique, patented Victaulic Vortex™ emitter technology creates a hybrid dispersion where both the water and nitrogen act as suppressive agents, cooling and reducing oxygen levels for an effective two-front assault on a growing fire.

Often, a preaction sprinkler system is required for additional fire protection in these spaces. The FireLock NXT® preaction system is available in several single, double and non-interlock modes, including combinations of both pneumatic and electric activation and is fully adaptive to existing alarm and detection systems. Further, the unique FireLock NXT® valve technology eliminates the air-to-water differential, making system design and installation simple and economical.

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