Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems Overview

Alarm Valves

Victaulic offers the Series 751 Alarm Valve for wet pipe systems, a compact, efficient valve design that saves time and labor in installation and maintenance. Easily accessible internal components and simple trim design.









Floor Control Piping

Efficient, space saving Victaulic components such as the Series 747M Zone Control Riser Module and Series 717 Check Valve provide means of isolating and monitoring individual floors in multiple story buildings.

  • Phoebe Putney Medical Office Building
    Phoebe Putney Medical Office Building

    This fast paced medical project presented challenges with regard to the fire protection system due to obstructions above the ceiling. There were...

  • Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
    Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

    Fairmont Pacific Rim is an upscale 48 story hotel and residence. Having only 6 weeks to install over 1100 sprinkler drops in time for the 2010...

  • Capital Plaza
    Capital Plaza

    The Capital Plaza project, in the centre of Abu Dhabi, consists of a 250-room five-star hotel tower (the Millennium & Copthorne Hotel), with 32...