Abrasive Services

Abrasive Services Overview

Abrasive Services

Tailings Ponds
The Style 926 mining spigot is an easy-to-install outlet for tailing pond feeds. Strapped on to the outside diameter of the main tailings line the outlets have valves included in the feed assembly for on/off service. Available with HDPE or steel outlets the Style 926 is a ready-made solution for tailings pond piping.

Ball and Rod Mill
Piping semi-solid abrasive material from the ball mill to the tailings line is one of the most demanding services in mine piping. The ability to easily maintain and replace worn pipe is paramount. With only two bolts and nuts to remove there is no faster way to replace worn pipe. What is that worth to your mining operation?

Flotation Cells
Whether its air, water or waste services Victaulic products are designed to meet the challenges of this application. A full line of fittings, valves and accessories creates a complete single source solution.

Back Fill Paste Systems
Backfill paste systems are used to strengthen the structure of the mine by piping sand fill or waste rock into areas that have been mined to replace the ore that has been removed. These systems are very high pressure requiring specially designed couplings. Victaulic has two systems, the ES system for 2500 psi/17250 kPa and the double groove system for 4000 psi/27500 kPa service.

Dust Suppression
Victaulic products create a single source solution for dust suppression systems. From the specialty nozzle to the grooved end couplings, fittings, and valves, Victaulic products are designed to control flow on both air and water inlets. Vic‑Blast nozzles use the minimum air and water necessary to quickly capture and suppress dust.

Abrasive slurry and tailings lines are ideal for using Victaulic products. Groove system products create a union at every joint allowing access to the pipeline at multiple points. Plus the deflection capabilities of our flexible couplings accommodate pipe on uneven surfaces and where angular deflection is needed for less than straight runs.

Wastewater Treatment
Victaulic has a complete line of products designed specifically for wastewater treatment services. Whether its stainless couplings, valves, and fittings for aeration piping or high pressure couplings for effluent and untreated water Victaulic products meet the demanding design specifications for these services.

Process Piping
Process piping within a mine is critical to the ongoing operation and profitability of a mine. Downtime, whether scheduled or unplanned, is extremely expensive. With a union at every joint, Victaulic joining systems are the ideal choice for regular maintenance on any type of system. Providing a full line of couplings, valves, and fittings Victaulic is your single source for process piping systems.

Solutions Piping
When acids and other harsh chemicals need to be introduced to the process to separate metal from tailings Victaulic grooved couplings are used. Gasket materials are available for a wide variety of services.

  • Bandmill Prep Plant
    Bandmill Prep Plant

    The Bandmill Prep Plant in Logan, West Virginia needed to install 8" (219,1 mm) size plug valves on their slurry piping lines.

  • Big Creek Processing
    Big Creek Processing

    The Big Creek Processing Plant in Sidney, Kentucky performs regular maintenance of their coal slurry piping system.

  • Brooks Run Prep Plant
    Brooks Run Prep Plant

    The Brooks Run plant needed to add a fine coal column flotation circuit.

  • Slurries

    Abrasive slurry lines are ideal for using Victaulic products. Direct groove, original and advance groove AGS Vic-Ring products create a union at...

  • Tailings

    Abrasive services such as tailings reduce the life of pipe systems. When maintenance is required system down time must be kept to...