Air and Water Services for Mining

Air and Water Services for Mining Overview

Air and Water Services for Mining

Water and Air Lines

Water and air supply lines can be installed in seconds using installation-ready couplings. Since the coupling is not disassembled before installation carrying spare parts to the site can be eliminated. Victaulic offers a line of butterfly valves for on/off and dead-end services, plus ball and check valves as needed.

Mine Cooling
As mines go deeper the need for reliable mine cooling systems and the piping to support them grows. Victaulic products offer the design capabilities required for this application. Whether it is deflection, expansion or contraction, Victaulic systems give designers the flexibility they need to design, construct and install mine cooling piping systems.

Pumping Station
Victaulic products are used on de-watering systems caused by naturally occurring water or hydraulic fill. From high pressure single lift pumps to multi-stage pumping stations Victaulic has couplings, fittings, valves and strainers to provide a single source for pumping stations.

De-watering Systems
Mine de-watering systems vary by depth and type of mine. No matter what the need Victaulic has a complete piping solution for de-watering systems. Grooved end couplings are designed for pressures up to 4000 psi/27500 kPa to meet the most demanding system requirements.

Pressure Reducing Station
Pumping water into deep shaft mines requires head pressures to be reduced at various stages for the process water lines. Head pressures need to be reduced to match the capabilities of the piping. Victaulic manufactures a full line of couplings, fittings and valves that are designed to match the service requirements of pressure reducing stations and can be ordered as a pre-fabricated unit.

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