Oil, Gas and Chemical

  • Oil, Gas and Chemical

    Oil, Gas and Chemical

    Servicing the oil, gas and chemical market since the 1920's.

  • Downstream


    Piping system downtime can be reduced by up to 66% with Victaulic pipe joining technologies.

  • Offshore Oil

    Offshore Oil

    Greatly reduce the weight of your piping system while also reducing the time needed for installation and maintenance.

  • Upstream Oil

    Upstream Oil

    Victaulic has a line of grooved products specifically designed for the pressures and demands of upstream oil piping systems.

  • Salt Water Disposal

    Salt Water Disposal

    The integrity of coatings and linings in corrosive systems is not compromised by grooved systems.

  • Biofuels and Bioenergy

    Biofuels and Bioenergy

    Plan Ahead and Select Experienced Partners Early

  • Utility Piping

    Utility Piping

    Victaulic grooved piping systems have been installed successfully on thousands of utility piping systems worldwide

The Victaulic oil & gas pipe fittings are the ideal choice for the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry because they offer the combined advantages of design versatility, highly reliable operation, and fast installation. Get plants up and running sooner, reduce down time during retrofits, and make changes quickly and easily to adapt to changes in plant operations.

The oil and gas industry was one of the first industries where Victaulic oil fittings, gas fittings and other mechanical pipe joining systems were installed. This includes global processes of exploration, extraction, refining and treatment of petroleum products.

Shorten the construction cycle and bring your facilities on-line more quickly using Victaulic oil & gas fittings and pipe joining systems, which offer reduced risk and improved economics for every project, regardless of scale.

Biofuels and Bioenergy

Victaulic grooved pipe joining system products reduce the time and effort required to assemble and maintain plant utility piping by up to 66 percent.


Victaulic grooved oil pipe fittings and pipe joining systems are used on offshore oil platforms for dry bulk product movement and water supply lines to reduce weight and speed installation and maintenance.

Offshore Oil

Victaulic grooved pipe joining systems have been installed successfully on thousands of utility piping systems worldwide.

Potable Water

Victaulic grooved piping products reduce the time required to install and maintain salt water disposal piping systems by up to 66 percent.

Salt Water Disposal

Victaulic has a dedicated line of high pressure grooved pipe joining products specifically designed for upstream oil production piping systems.