Downstream Overview

Victaulic products for utility and process piping system offer designers a versatile piping system that allows for thermal expansion, rigid and flexible joints as well as movements under seismic conditions.

To ensure proper installation Victaulic couplings are bolted metal-to-metal to provide visual verification of joint integrity.

For installers, grooved pipe joining systems reduce installation times by over 50 percent when compared to other joining methods and scheduled maintenance by 2/3 when compared to flanging with even greater savings when compared to welded systems.

  • Air Products Roanoke PSA
    Air Products Roanoke PSA

    When Air Products built a new oxygen production plant in Roanoke, Virginia, Victaulic grooved piping products were used on oxygen and nitrogen...

  • CSBP Plant Upgrade
    CSBP Plant Upgrade

    316SS Pressfit was chosen because of the plants coastal location; it provides a piping system that is resistant to corrosion from seawater...

  • Dow Chemical Canada
    Dow Chemical Canada

    In 1999, Dow Chemical Corporation began construction of the Red Deer Polyethelene Plant, an extensive petrochemical complex just east of Red Deer, Alberta,...

  • Air Piping
    Air Piping

    Victaulic grooved end technology helps to ease deck and wall penetration and reduce system downtime of your air piping system.

  • Category D Utility Piping
    Category D Utility Piping

    Victaulic has a long history of providing faster, easier and more economical piping solutions for plant utility piping. A variety of joining...

  • Plant Utility Air
    Plant Utility Air

    Plant Utility Air systems transport air to production lines and other industrial air systems such as dust collection, ventilation, load out, waste...