Power Generation

  • Power Generation

    Power Generation

    Victaulic pipe joining systems have been installed on power generation facilities worldwide.

  • Coal Fired Generation

    Coal Fired Generation

    Victaulic offers a diverse line of products for use at coal fired facilities

  • Hydroelectric Generation

    Hydroelectric Generation

    From penstock lines to process piping, Victaulic solutions offer safe, versatile and environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Combined Cycle Gas Generation

    Combined Cycle Gas Generation

    Fast-paced construction schedules demand Victaulic solutions.

  • Nuclear Generation

    Nuclear Generation

    Victaulic meets the demands of the nuclear industry, ensuring realiable, safe joining methods for optimum installation

Victaulic mechanical pipe joining systems have been installed in power generation facilities worldwide and are the ideal choice for the power industry because we offer the combined advantages of design versatility, highly reliable operation and fast installation.

We also offer many specialized solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges that power plants present.

Whether your plant uses Nuclear, Fossil or renewable fuel , whether you're employing Combined Cycle or Cogeneration technology, Victaulic solutions can reduce your construction risk and bring your facility on-line quickly.

Victaulic also offers a variety of cutting edge Fire Protection and Supresson and Building Services systems.  Click through to learn more.

  • Total installed cost is reduced by up to 50%
  • Victaulic products are safer and faster to install reducing opportunities for injuries
  • Keeps plants running more efficiently by drastically reducing the tiime required for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
Engineers and System Designers
  • Faster installation without the need for special tools
  • Cold formed joining eliminates fire hazards and fumes associated with welding
  • Pre-Fabrication strategies are enhanced
  • Reduce installation time by up to 50%
Maintenance Personnel

With solutions for utility and process applications for coal fired plants, Victaulic will help you increase productivity, compress schedules and improve safety on your next project.

Coal Fired Generation

Increased installation time savings, combined with the versatiltiy and capabilities of the grooved joining method, make Victaulic the ideal choice for combined cycle generation facilities.

Combined Cycle Gas Generation

Victaulic offers a variety of solutions to meet the needs of hydroelectric plant construction. From large diameter penstock lines, to smaller process and utility piping, Victaulic products provide increased safety, installation and maintenance versatility, and faster installation than alternative joining methods.

Hydroelectric Generation

Victaulic meets the demands of the nuclear industry, ensuring reliable, safe joining methods for optimum installation and maintenance conditions.

Nuclear Generation