Combined Cycle Gas Generation

Combined Cycle Gas Generation Overview

Combined cycle generation plants require design versatility, as well as quick installation to meet fast-paced construction schedule. With products and solutions for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, Victaulic meet your needs, while providing a union at every joint for easy system access and future system expansion.

  • Dow- AEP Cogen Plant
    Dow- AEP Cogen Plant

    The owners of the Dow electric co-generation facility in Plaquamine, Louisiana, needed a piping system that could meet the requirements of the...

  • Portlands Energy Centre
    Portlands Energy Centre

    Portlands Energy Centre is a 550 megawatt generating station developed to meet Toronto's growing demand for electricity. Victaulic grooved-end couplings, valves and fittings...

  • West Kimberley Power Project
    West Kimberley Power Project

    The West Kimberley Power Project provides electricity to the towns of Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing, and Halls Creek in Western Australia. The...

  • Instrument Air
    Instrument Air

    The instrument air system supplies dry and oil free air to the instrument air system.  The quality of instrument air is...

  • Service Water
    Service Water

    Typically utlizing carbon steel pipe, service water lines often require quick installation or repair.  Victaulic couplings provide the speed required to...

  • Bearing Lube Oil Feed Lines
    Bearing Lube Oil Feed Lines

    Oil feed systems are used to lubricate mechanical equipment and processes.