Hydroelectric Generation

Hydroelectric Generation Overview

The unique requirements of hydroelectric plant construction require versatile solutions that meet demands both during initial plant construction, as well as future maintenance or expansion. Victaulic meets these needs, with easy-to-install, two-piece couplings for systems up to 60" in diameter, which require no hazardous flames to install, reduce construction footprint, and accommodate expansion, contraction and deflection of the joint in any weather condition. Victaulic also offers complete systems for utility and process piping. With quicker installation and a union at every joint, Victaulic will help you meet your bottom line throughout the life of the system.

  • BC Hydro Wahleach Generating Station
    BC Hydro Wahleach Generating Station

    The BC Hydro generating station at Wahleach Dam was constructed in 1952 and produces 60 MW of power. When a new piping system was...

  • Hydro-Quebec Beauharnois Generating Station
    Hydro-Quebec Beauharnois Generating Station

    The run-of-river Beauharnois Generating Station, 25 mi/40 km southwest of Montreal, is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world. Faced...

  • Gross Reservoir Hydroelectric Project
    Gross Reservoir Hydroelectric Project

    The Gross Reservoir Hydroelectric Project in Boulder, Colorado involved the construction of a new powerhouse facility and installation of two ownerfurnished hydroelectric...

  • Penstock

    Penstocks are intake lines that control water flow, often in an enclosed large diameter pipe, to hydraulic turbines for power generation. ...

  • Cooling Water
    Cooling Water

    Optimize scheduled maintenance and system downtime by employing Victaulic grooved end mechanical pipe joining technology.

  • Drains and Drainage
    Drains and Drainage

    Victaulic systems are ideally suited for drain work for their reliability and ease of preventive maintenance.

  • Non-Restrained Flexible Coupling - Style 230
    Non-Restrained Flexible Coupling - Style 230

    Style 230 (formerly E x E) non-restrained couplings join piping systems from 8 - 144 "/ 200 - 3650mm. This coupling can accommodate...

  • AGS Flexible Coupling - Style W77
    AGS Flexible Coupling - Style W77

    Style W77 is the only flexible two-piece housing for 14"/350mm to 60"/1525mm piping systems. Style W77 provides limited linear angular movement to...

  • AGS Rigid Coupling - Style W07
    AGS Rigid Coupling - Style W07

    Style W07 is the first rigid two-piece coupling for 14"/350mm to 50"/1250mm piping using Advanced Groove System Technology. Working pressures shown are...