AGS Large Diameter Solutions

Advanced Groove System (AGS)


Victaulic's Advanced Groove System (AGS) offers a wedge-shaped groove that's deeper and wider than that of any other groove system to provide increased coupling to pipe engagement. Our AGS joined pipe delivers  unprecedented assembly speed and reliability, giving contractors the speed they want and engineers the performance they need.


What makes Victaulic's AGS coupling revolutionary?  

  • two-piece housing for faster installation
  • wider housing for twice the end-load capabilities

A wider, wedge-shaped groove facilitates proper coupling positioning by decreasing initial installation sensitivity. Tightening the nuts to the proper specification completes the joint. In addition, the surfaces of the two housings meet solidly between the head of the bolt and the securing nut, providing visual confirmation of proper assembly and joint integrity once the nut is properly torqued.

It all adds up to the strongest Victaulic mechanical coupling assembly system ever in this size range. AGS-joined pipe handles higher end loads and a higher pressure rating — up to 350 psi/2,410 kPa, depending on pipe size and schedule, with a nominal three-to-one safety factor.


What advantages does AGS have versus welding alternatives?

The AGS coupling system provides great strength and dependability in addition to speed and serves as an excellent choice over welding. AGS provides advantages that welded joints can’t:

  • no flames or fumes
  • superior seismic-shock resistance
  • accommodates for piping system movement
  • a union at every joint for easy system maintenance
  • faster, safer and easier installations reduces costs 


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