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What is a Grooved Piping System?

A grooved piping system is a fast, clean and dependable way of joining pipe as opposed to welding, threading, flanging and soldering. Grooves are rolled or cut into the ends of the pipe and fittings, valves and other components are manufactured with the same groove profiles.

Couplings with pressure-responsive gaskets and shoulders to fit the grooves are used to join grooved pipe to grooved pipe components. When the grooved components are connected by the shouldered gasketed couplings, the result is a pressure-tight pipe system. Pipe couplings with flexible design allow for pipe expansion or contraction with temperature changes.


What are the Benefits of Grooved Piping Systems?

  • NO welding
  • NO smoke or fire in the work area
  • NO need for fire watch
  • NO smoke damage
  • NO need for skilled welder
  • Compressed Project Schedules


What is the time of Installation using Grooved Couplings vs welding?

Grooved systems are up to 10 TIMES faster to install than other pipe connectors. Standard grooved couplings install 5 TIMES faster than welded joints and 3 TIMES faster than flanging. Now, installation-ready™ couplings install in less than half that time. 


Victaulic standard grooved couplings install 5 TIMES faster than welding


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