Gasket Technology

At the heart of a Victaulic coupling is the gasket.

Stringent quality control measures, precision engineering, and exhaustive testing go into the manufacture of all Victaulic gaskets. 

Victaulic boasts the largest and most experienced team of engineers in the industry. Utilizing the most advanced nonlinear finite element analysis, the research and development team predicts the performance of materials in different configurations to understand performance in field conditions. A proprietary compound accommodates the effects of thermal expansion, pipe end flare and pressurization. The engineered, pressure-responsive design provides increased sealing performance as internal system pressure is increased.

As the industry’s only single-source manufacturer, Victaulic uses the latest molding technology to ensure a quality product. Victaulic gaskets are subject to stringent quality control standards and use extensive tests such as air and water aging, thermal cycling, compression set, and tensile strength to prove the highest product performance.

At the heart of a Victaulic coupling is the gasket

What is unique about Victaulic's gasket design?

The unique, C-shaped, pressure-responsive gasket design has been the heart of the grooved system since its inception. Relying on compound resiliency and the initially flared design, the gasket seals on the “A” dimension of the pipe O.D. This design accommodates the pipe movement noted, while sealing under both pressure and vacuum.  


Grade "EHP" EPDM gasket.

The Victaulic proprietary Grade "EHP" gasket material provides unmatched performance on water systems from-30°F/-34°C to 250°F/121°C. The EHP gasket is geometrically optimized for unparalleled performance under pressure, heat, assembly, stress and relaxation. Victaulic QuickVic® couplings, featuring installation-ready technology, are available with the Grade "EHP" gasket.  

QuickVic® Rigid Coupling- Style 107H

QuickVic® Flexible Coupling- Style 177

QuickVic® Rigid Coupling for Copper- Style 607


Grade "EW" EPDM gasket.

The Victaulic proprietary Grade "EW" gasket is WRAS certified with approved microbiological resistance to BS 6920 for cold and hot potable water service up to +149°F/+65°C. Victaulic StrengThin™ Couplings are available with the Grade "EW" gasket.



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