FireLock NXT™ Sprinkler Valve Solutions


What Makes Victaulic Fire Protection Valve Systems Unique?

Since 1952, when Victaulic received the first UL approval for a grooved coupling for fire protection piping services, Victaulic has diligently continued with its mission to find faster and easier ways to join fire protection systems, eliminating the need for disassembling and reassembling components during installation.

Today, Victaulic technology includes a complete offering of fire protection systems, grooved couplings, fire protection pipe fittings, valves, devices, accessories and pipe preparation tools to meet the needs of any fire protection piping application. Victaulic valves in particular are engineered and manufactured for dependable, trouble-free performance, superior flow control and durable, long-lasting reliability.

As the originator and innovator of grooved coupling technology, Victaulic offers a variety of coupling sizes and styles for fire protection piping systems.  Our grooved systems are fast, clean and dependable ways of joining pipe as opposed to welding, threading, flanging and soldering.  

What Are The Benefits Of The FireLock NXT® Fire Protection Valve Systems?

With the introduction of the FireLock NXT® Fire Protection System devices, Victaulic continues its tradition of developing new products that allow for easier joining of pipe.  The FireLock NXT® devices offer a leap forward in valve design and operation. They deliver great operational dependability and are easy to install, service and maintain.

  • Victaulic devices offer an ultra-fast trip time, due to the elimination of the air-to-water differential.
  • Dry, deluge and a range of Pre-action capabilities, all from a single valve design for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • The compact trim and diaphragm design reduces the valve’s center-to-back take out distance up to a full 7"/178 mm when compared with competitive valves.
  • A full range of accessories is also available.


FireLock NXT® Devices

  • Lower operating pressure requirements
  • Ultra-fast trip time and water delivery
  • Reduced trim footprint
  • Easy to install, service and maintain
  • Fewer internal moving parts
  • Light-weight design
  • Eliminates air-to-water differential
  • Simplified trim configurations
  • Lower friction loss
  • Vic®-Quick riser offers out-of-the-box installation - preset for air pressure at 13 psi/.89 bar

If you own or service a Victaulic FireLock NXT Series 769 Deluge or Preaction Actuated Valve, Series 768 Dry Valve or Series 776 Low Pressure Actuator, click here to read a technical service bulletin. 

FireLock® Series 745 Fire-Pac


Continued Quality - Smaller Design.

  • 1 1/2-8" I 40-200 mm
  • Max height of 6'5" 
  • Side and rear panels can be removed for easy access
  • Pipe feed and drain can be located on the left, right or bottom panels
  • Optional Weatherproofing to Nema 4 standards
  • Optional Insulation and heating components
  • Product Brochure PB-403

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