QuickVic™ Installation-Ready™ Technology

What is Installation-Ready™ Technology?

Victaulic’s patented Installation-Ready™ couplings provide fast, easy pipe connections, eliminating a need to disassemble the coupling with no loose parts to lose or drop. The single unit design allows an installer to assemble an Installation-Ready™ coupling by simply inserting the coupling onto the grooved end of a pipe, fitting, valve, or accessory and then tightening the nuts. 

Why is it different?

Prior to Victaulic installation-ready™ technology, grooved coupling assembly consisted of disassembling the coupling by removing the bolts and nuts, removing the gasket, fitting the gasket over the gap between two grooved pipe ends, wrapping the housings around the gasket and then tightening down the bolts and nuts. 

Couplings featuring installation-ready™ technology come pre-assembled and are simply pushed on to a grooved pipe end, joined by a second grooved pipe end, and then bolts and nuts are tighten down.

What previously required minutes, now takes only seconds.

How much faster is Installation-Ready™ Technology vs. other joining methods?

Victaulic Installation-Ready™ couplings are the fastest and safest joining method available because they:

  • Install up to 10 times faster than welded joints
  • Install up to 6 times faster than flanged joints
  • Feature no loose parts during installation 

What are the Benefits of Installation-Ready™ Technology?

Compress Project Schedules

Standard grooved couplings install up to 5 times faster than welded joints and up to 3 times faster than flanged. Now, Victaulic Installation-Ready™ couplings install in less than half the time of standard grooved couplings.

Reduce Material Handling

Unlike standard couplings, Installation-Ready™ couplings are installed without the need to disassemble the coupling. No loose bolts and nuts translates to less material handling on site.

Better Manage Labor Risk

Because Installation-Ready™ couplings require fewer steps to install, the result is consistently faster pipe joints which allows contractors to optimize crew size and better manage their labor risk.

Enhance Jobsite Safety

No flames. No fumes. No loose parts. In addition to being flame-free and devoid of noxious fumes during installation, Installation-Ready™ couplings feature no loose parts to drop or lose reducing material handling on site and thereby reducing risk of injury. 


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Contractors, Owners and Engineers benefit from:

  • compressed project schedules
  • reduced material handling
  • enhanced jobsite safety
  • better management of labor risk


Victaulic grooved couplings for industries such as fire protection and plumbing

Style 009N              Style 107H                  Style 607                   Style 177

Fire Protection                                            Plumbing


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