Lined and Coated Piping Systems


Abrasive Services

Victaulic New patented XL 90° and 45° elbows and grooved couplings can extend the life of abrasive systems.

New patented XL 90° and 45° elbows and couplings can extend the life of abrasive systems by up to three times longer. XL fittings maintain the same inner diameter (ID) dimensions as standard fittings to provide uninterrupted, full flow capabilities without restrictions. The fitting design reduces the gap between pipe ends for pipe-to-fitting and fitting-to-fitting connections to reduce leading-edge wear and further extend the life of the fittings. XL fittings are designed with the ability to accommodate an extra 1/4"/6.4mm of rubber lining that meets standard C - E dimensions for 1 1/2D and 3D fittings. Extra life means fewer scheduled maintenance shut downs leading to increase productivity.

Victaulic grooved couplings & grooved fittings for abrasive services

Regardless of the abrasive media traveling through your piping system, Victaulic offers a variety of solutions that are tailored to meet your requirements. Unlike welding and flanging that are costly and difficult to install Victaulic pipe joining systems install in less than half the time while maintaining the integrity of the abrasive lining. XL Fittings are compatible with rubber, urethane, ceramic and other linings.

Cut Groove System

On piping systems using Schedule 40 or higher wall thickness, a groove is cut into the outside diameter of the pipe. The result is a reliable joint that reduces installation and downtime during maintenance by up to 66 percent. No heat is required and the inner surface of the pipe remains smooth maintaining the integrity of the lining. Cut groove systems, when used with flexible couplings, allow for expansion, contraction and deflection where needed and are available for systems up to 42"/1050 mm.

Ring System

Where maintaining the full wall thickness of the system is required, ring systems are commonly found. A ring with a groove or shoulder is attached to the outside diameter of the pipe and the coupling mounts over the ring to complete the joint. Ring systems are available with Original Groove System (OGS) or Advanced Groove System (AGS) ring designs and are available for use on systems up to 90"/2250mm.

Shouldered System

For shouldered pipe systems, Victaulic offers a line of couplings, fittings and valves. Valves and fittings are provided with shouldered ends, while the coupling system features installation-ready shouldered couplings from 2 - 8"/50 - 200 mm piping and standard couplings for 10 and 12"/250 and 300 mm sizes. Galvanized finishes on the coupling and fittings ensure additional protection against corrosive environments.

Plain End System

HDPE piping systems used for coal dust require frequent maintenance and replacement due to the highly abrasive nature of the media. When maintenance is required there is no union in the system. Downtime is costly and time consuming. With Victaulic HDPE products, simply cut and join the pipe ends. Victaulic couplings for HDPE systems are rated to a higher working pressure than the pipe and provide a union at every joint. Victaulic plain end joining solutions are available in sizes up to 20"/500 mm.

Victaulic grooved couplings for HDPE systems

Corrosive Services

For piping systems exposed to internally corrosive media or externally corrosive environments Victaulic solutions are designed to increase system life, add to design versatility and reduce downtime where maintenance is required.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated System

For fusion bonded epoxy systems grooved piping provides holiday-free service. Fusion bonded epoxy systems can be compromised when exposed to the heat needed to join welded systems. Grooving is a cold forming process thereby maintaining the integrity of the lining while providing a union at every joint.

Galvanized System

Flexible and rigid couplings, fittings and accessories are all available with a galvanized finish to protect against corrosive environments. Galvanized Victaulic grooved systems eliminate all the challenges and health hazards associated with welding galvanized systems.

Stainless Steel System

A wide range of stainless steel systems can be joined using the Victaulic grooved and Vic- Press® piping systems. For small diameter Type 304 and 316 stainless piping, Vic-Press is the first system that is compatible with standard Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe. For larger diameter Type 304 and Type 316 stainless steel as well as duplex and super duplex systems, Victaulic offers a variety of pipe joining solutions.

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