StrengThin™ System for High Pressure Stainless Steel


StrengThin™ System for High Pressure Stainless Steel

What is the StrengThin™ System? 

The Victaulic StrengThin™ Piping System is a solution for Desalination and reverse osmosis (SWRO) facilities mechanical pipe joining.  StrengThin™ enables direct pipe-end forming of a new, proprietary groove profile on Schedule 10S and Schedule 20 super austenitic, duplex and super duplex stainless steel pipe, optimized for strength, rigidity and sealing. StrengThin™ provides a multi-layer, multi-functional coating designed for impact and long term corrosion resistance.

This expertly engineered high-pressure piping system joins pipe up to 16 inches in diameter and delivers pressure ratings up to 1200psi/8200kPa..


What are the benefits to your SWRO facility using Victaulic piping solutions?


Reduce project costs

* Leverage stick-built lean construction on the entire high pressure piping system.

* Reduce pipe schedules of Duplex/Super Duplex SS.

* Eliminate direct and indirect costs associated with welding.

* X-ray/non-destructive testing, pickling and passivation of welds, gas purge, high-cost welders, shipping and handling 3D spool pieces, rework, etc. 


Faster pipe fabrication and field installation.

  • Fewer man-hours and less overall project risk.
  • Allow more time for proper commissioning and plant turnover.
  • Finish your project faster;  compress construction schedules;  achieve incentives and avoid penalites.


Improve safety and reduce risk.

  • Join pipe without fire hazards;  no welding.
  • Reduce project risk by dramatically reducing labor and getting off the job quicker.


Specify Victaulic with confidence.

  • Over 85 years of design and engineering expertise.
  • Innovations in grooved piping solutions.
  • Enhanced design versatility from Victaulic provides system solutions where needed.
  • High pressure systems, balance of plant piping, membrane connections, distribution piping


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