Noise and Vibration Attenuation

Mechanical room equipment frequently creates noise and vibration in a piping system, which can be difficult to contain. To isolate this vibration, designers can specify the use of Victaulic couplings.

Above and beyond that, Victaulic flexible couplings will also accommodate for misalignment, reduce stress on pumps and equipment connections and accommodate linear movement and angular deflection in a piping system.

Why do Victaulic couplings dampen noise and vibration?

The unique construction of the Victaulic grooved coupling enables the gasket to seal against pipe, while the ductile-iron housing provides both space for the elastomeric material to flex and containment to prevent overstretching. Victaulic couplings work to create a permanent leak-tight seal, with no need for additional reinforcement. Additionally, ductile iron has vibration-dampening qualities of its own, so the external housing also serves to absorb sound.

Victaulic grooved couplings dampen noise and vibration


Is there proof Victaulic grooved couplings reduce pipe vibration?

Yes. In 2013, Victaulic successfully completed a test program at NASA's Vibration and Acoustic Test Facility (VATF). The test results showed that in all sizes, the vibration attenuation provided by three (3) Victaulic flexible couplings, installed in close proximity to the source of vibration, exceeded the vibration attenuation characteristics of double sphere rubber connectors and stainless steel braided pump connectors.


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