Backfill Solutions for Mining


Series 725 is designed for mining applications where abrasive services are required, such as paste backfill. Traditionally crews would have to manually redeploy the backfill piping system to other areas of the mine resulting in many long hours of labor and maintenance. With the new Victaulic Series 725 Diverter Valve, labor and maintenance downtime are drastically reduced as the need to manually repostion the backfill lines are reduced by as much as 50 percent.

Designed with a standard ISO 5211 mounting flange, the Series 725 Diverter Valve allows the user to easily divert paste flow from one area of the mine to the next by using either a gear operator or an electric actuator with remote actuation. 

Victaulic ductile iron body diverter valve provides 180-degree service to ensure smooth continuous paste flow

Currently available in 6"/150mm and able to withstand pressures up to 1,000 psi/6900 kPa this the only diverter valve on the market today. Its rugged ductile iron body and 5D bend profile provide 180-degree service to ensure smooth continuous paste flow.

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Series 725 Diverter Valve Animation

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