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Victaulic sets the industry standard for quality assurance in grooved pipe joining services

Exceptional Quality.

Victaulic sets the industry standard for quality assurance. Because Victaulic designs and manufactures its own products, Victaulic can guarantee the highest quality. Stringent quality processes are present from product concept through design, manufacture and testing.

Proven Reliability.

Design flexibility extends reliability: Victaulic products lessen vibration, which reduces the risk of joint issues.

Victaulic systems provide a union at every joint: This maximizes system availability, while minimizing downtime during system maintenance (not cutting through welded areas).

Victaulic products are designed to eliminate improper pipe joining methods that can cause the majority of system issues.

Victaulic products can be used in places where welding is not possible, and where the fire risk is too high.

Victaulic products are designed to reduce human error in pipe joining, and can be installed when and where there is a lack of available skilled labor, with fewer tools.

Victaulic products are designed for visual inspection, ensuring proper pipe joining has occurred.


Beyond Permanence.

Victaulic grooved mechanical pipe joints are permanent, yet with significant added benefits that enhance quality and reliability within structures.


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