Simplified Maintenance

How does Victaulic simplify maintenance versus other joining methods?

A Victaulic coupling gasket has a C-shaped cross section seal that is durable and can handle significant compressive and cyclical loading. A system can be pressurized and depressurized repeatedly without fatiguing the rubber.
In a flanged system, the torque on the bolts employs a high compressive load on the internal gasket, which can cause the gasket to tear during disassembly.


A Victaulic mechanical pipe joining system accommodates vibration within the system, without the need for periodic product repair or replacement. Victaulic flexible mechanical systems localize vibrations by allowing the pipe to move and vibrate within the coupling.
Welded or flanged piping systems use rubber bellows or a braided flexible hose to accommodate these vibrations; however these materials tend to wear out over time, requiring costly and time consuming replacement.

A Victaulic coupling provides a union at every joint, allowing easy access to the system and flexibility for future system expansion. Replacing strainers or corrupt pipe sections, or slipping in a tee to expand or join piping systems is easily accomplished.
A welded system does not provide any unions or system access points.

With Victaulic systems, only two bolts need to be removed to access the system. Additionally, unlike a flanged joint, a two-bolt coupling can be “free floated” around the pipe for quick alignment adjustment and easy access.
A welded system can take up to 45% more man-hours to complete than Victaulic grooved systems. In a flanged system, multiple bolts are needed to create the seal, and removing these bolts is a time-consuming process.




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