Sustainable Piping Solutions


100% Energy Efficient

Installation of Victaulic couplings requires zero electrical energy. The installation of a grooved coupling on prepared pipe does not require any incremental electrical energy to install, as compared to other pipe joining methods, such as welding and soldering. A typical 4”, schedule 40 carbon steel arc welded joint consumes 5 KW of electrical energy with an estimated 25 percent waste during the installation process. A 4” Victaulic coupling is installed by tightening two nuts and bolts with a hand ratchet.


Case in Point: Saving over 123,000 KW of electricity

A recent project requiring 1,105 butt welds on Schedule 40 pipe in sizes 10” through 24” would have required 123,227 KW of energy to be consumed for a total cost of $7,886.51. Factoring in a 25 percent KW waste on welded joints equals a loss of $1971.63 and 30,807 KW on this job alone.

Using grooved coupling saved this single project the equivalent amount of electricity consumed by 130 average homes in 1 month. The wasted electricity would have equaled the amount of electricity consumed by 33 average homes in 1 month.


LEED certification

Victaulic is a member of Green Building Councils throughout the world, such as USGBC, CAGBC (Canada) and SpainGBC, and works collaboratively with these organizations to make green buildings and designs accessible and understandable.


Victaulicproducts may contribute to certification in the following areas:

1) Sustainable Sites. Reduced construction site footprint and overall waste due to pre-fabrication, bag and tag of materials and coordinated shipments to jobsite.

2) Energy and Atmosphere. Reduction in electricity consumption during installation and maintenance activities through the elimination of weld installations.


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