Weight Savings

By employing Victaulic products in a 6"/ 168mm ballast line system, you will not only reduce system weight by 30 percent but also save 66 percent on installation time.


The Victaulic Construction Piping Serivces (CPS) department carried out a weight and time comparison between a 6"/168 mm flanged ballast line system, and one where Victaulic products are employed.



When comparing system weight of all products required for each joining method, they came to the conclusion that, when using Victaulic mechanical pipe  joining systems in a ballast line system, you will be able to save 429,75 kg, or 30%.



When they compared the installation time required for both joining methods (based on the time needed to do a complete installation, so incl. unloading, receiving, pressure testing) they concluded that you save 292,69 hours, or 66 percent.


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