Entry Level Opportunities

Join the Victaulic team and take ownership of work that matters. At Victaulic, we know that our innovation starts with our talented people. We work hard to discover powerful students and graduates who will add to our culture of innovation and collaboration. We value skills and qualities from a broad range of backgrounds, understanding that our people are our strongest resource. At Victaulic, you will be invested in, relied upon, challenged, and developed personally and professionally. Realizing your potential is a journey – we have some of the brightest and most passionate people in your field who are eager to align and work with you as you embark. We are already excited about the meaningful work you will do here at Victaulic. To find an opportunity that is right for you, explore the following categories:

Did you know?

We offer training workshops designed to educate customers on the basics of fire protection technology and the Victaulic FireLock product line.  The sessions include both classroom and hands on activities, as well as tours of our various manufacturing facilities in the local area

Product Engineer

Collaborative.  Open-minded.  Passionate.  All words used by our Product Development Engineers to describe Corporate Engineering.  We seek and attract intelligent professionals with a solid technical foundation who appreciate the opportunity to learn in a hands-on, supportive environment.  We continually improve on our current products, while revolutionizing the market with innovative solutions.  Imagine spending the morning putting your latest coupling design to the hydrostatic pressure test in our engineering lab.  Or watching your idea come to life on a cross-functional team dedicated to launching the next generation of Victaulic couplings.  Our engineers travel the globe where they assess new market opportunities and return with new experiences and ideas.  In the past, these ideas have led to the Victaulic presence in structures such as the Sedibeng Water Board in South Africa and the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Corporate Engineering capitalizes on the diverse perspectives and unique talents of its members.  Employees are challenged to “go against the norm” which has led to our success as being the world leader in pipe joining systems.  Look around our office and you will see a Victaulic veteran of 35 years collaborating with a recent college graduate on a Butterfly Valve.   The Company’s ideal candidate for an engineering role is someone who is not afraid to speak up and try new approaches.  An individual who is comfortable “outside the box” and who has the forethought to be proactive in a fast paced environment.  It is someone who has a competitive drive, an optimistic spirit, and a desire to take ownership of a project from start to finish.  New hires will discover upon their arrival that high caliber individuals who are knowledgeable, self-motivated, and energetic are able to chart the career path of their choosing.

Did you know?

During construction of the 4.3 kilometer long Taegu Tunnel in South Korea, Victaulic products were selected because of their reputation for safety and reliability.  Victaulic solutions helped meet tight scheduling deadlines, as well as saved 20% of estimated labor costs

Rotational Engineer

Consider, as a new hire, being entrusted with a project worth over $3.5 million.  Or starting your career as a Rotational Engineer, but being promoted to a Materials Supervisor in under 2 years.  In Victaulic manufacturing, these possibilities become reality.  We are looking for individuals who confront daily challenges by being adaptable and by seeking continuous improvement and optimization.  These traits support our organizations core goals of continuous improvement:  promoting safety, achieving metrics, and increasing efficiency while complying with budgetary parameters.  We set our goals high and work diligently to meet aggressive production efficiency goals annually.

The Rotational Engineer position has the unique advantage of offering an array of responsibilities and activities which can take your career in various directions.  You will find yourself in a hands on environment where rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty is not uncommon.  Responsibility over managing daily metrics may also be part of your regular list of goals as well as working on a cross-functional team to optimize a production line.   From the Rotational Engineer position not only can you explore various areas of manufacturing, you can also apply your skills within various functional areas throughout Victaulic.  Our employees agree that if you are dedicated, goal oriented, and have the ability to “roll with the punches” you can advance quickly to become a key builder within the organization.  No matter your position, you will be pleasantly surprised by the constant commitment to teamwork that is present throughout the department.  The challenges and opportunities in Victaulic manufacturing will shape your career for the future.

Other Exciting Opportunities

Be sure to visit our careers page to learn about entry-level opportunities in our other dynamic departments. In addition to the positions described above, we also experience growth at the entry-level into Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Customer Care, and other areas of our organization. We offer opportunities for our entry-level employees to not only kick start their career but also to obtain the training and development that they need to excel in the corporate world. At Victaulic, we take pride in our entry-level hiring process and are excited to discuss these opportunities with you!