University Opportunities

Entry Level

The wait is over... you've graduated! This is an exciting time filled with many choices and decisions. One of the most important decisions you will make is who to begin your career journey with. Victaulic understands that new college grads are interested in career development, growth, and a variety of experiences. Additionally, we recognize that you are eager to share and apply your relevant, fresh, knowledge to become a valuable contributor to our organization. At Victaulic, we offer many opportunities for college and university grads that provide challenges and experiences which will shape your future. So if you're looking to join a dynamic, competitive and rewarding global organization, look no further. Click Here to learn more. 


We love our interns! Victaulic continues to embrace our internship program company-wide, while consistently working to develop and enhance the experience. Our interns are incorporated into every aspect of our business while being challenged with thought provoking experiences. There is no better way to truly understand what the professional world is like than to live it- up close and personal. We value the time our interns spend with us and want to ensure that we provide a mutualy beneficial and meaningful relationship -- one that adds value and helps shape our interns' future career choices while supporting Victaulic's global goals and objectives. Click Here to learn more. 

Take A Look Inside

The character traits that distinguish all Victaulic employees are Leadership, Integrity, Professionalism, Intelligence, Competitive Drive, Commitment, Resilience and Creativity.  As an Industry leader, Victaulic is committed to bringing quality, value and excellence to the market.  We continually raise the bar and strive for nothing less than the best. 

Victaulic employees embody the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit.  We take pride in our work and look for individuals who are interested in pushing their skills and experiences to the next level.  As a growing company that supports innovation and progression, Victaulic employees have the opportunity to take ownership of their career.  If you are interested in embarking on a fulfilling yet challenging career, with tremendous opportunities to accomplish great things…we want to talk to you! 

At Victaulic, we feel identifying and hiring top talent is serious business.  We devote significant resources to ensuring candidates fully understand and embrace the scope of our opportunities.  Victaulic believes in an ‘eyes wide open’ philosophy and depending on the position, the interview process can last from weeks to months.  Candidates are challenged with insightful, thought-provoking conversations, real world exercises and exciting opportunities to showcase personal attributes.

Victaulic will visit the following Universities and Colleges during the 2013/2014 academic year.  For more specific information on our campus visits, please check out our University Calendar of Events.

Auburn University, Cal State - Chico, Cal Poly - Pomona, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, Clemson University, CU Boulder, Florida International University, Iowa State, Kansas State, Penn State, Purdue, Syracuse, Texas Tech, TCNJ, VA Tech, University of Alabama, University of Nebraska, University of NC - Wilmington

The Victaulic Sales Challenge is an exciting event to recruit students for our sales internship and full-time opportunities. Students engage in 10-minute role plays where they try to sell Victaulic product to a "buyer" while being evaluated by a panel of Victaulic judges. The Sales Challenge offers an educational opportunity for students to learn about Victaulic product and see what a technical sales call is like in a realistic way. Monetary rewards are presented for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as well as opportunities to interview for a position at Victaulic.