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Victaulic Case Studies


In 2015, the Capri Domestic Water Pump Station in Northwest Calgary, underwent a mechanical upgrade that required removal and replacement of all existing pumps, valves and piping within the existing building’s footprint.

The project came with a couple of major challenges. To meet NSF61 and City of Calgary water distribution standards, the system called for use of epoxy coated pipe. This posed a problem to traditional welded or flanged systems as they would require additional offsite fabrication time and coordination, resulting in a longer installation period. Second, space within the existing station for valves and fittings was at a premium.

To solve these issues, the contractor, Modern Niagara, turned to Victaulic. Through use of Style 107N Installation-Ready™ couplings and AGS W07/W77 couplings for 14-24"/DN350-DN600 connections, Modern Niagara was able to easily join prefabricated grooved end epoxy coated piping and eliminate majority of the station welds. This greatly improved turnaround time and provided labour savings during the installation period.

Victaulic Vic-300 MasterSeal™ butterfly valves were also valuable, reducing the valve face-to-face dimensions to a minimum, while providing convenient access points that enabled quick installation compared with traditional flange-to-flange installation. These same access points will enable city staff to easily maintain the system over its lifetime. Both gear operated and actuated valves were supplied.

"Not only did Victaulic provide us with the valuable solutions we needed for this project, but they also exceeded expectations with the level of onsite technical support to assist with any challenges or questions that we encountered throughout construction. Modern Niagara has always been a major supporter of Victaulic products specifically for their ability to provide unique and time-saving solutions, and the use of the Victaulic system on this project was no exception" concludes Nick Walden, Manager, Special Projects Division with Modern Niagara.



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