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Victaulic can be found in some of the most prestigious buildings globally. Browse through the Victaulic Case Studies to learn about the unique solutions provided by Victaulic technology and services.

Victaulic Case Studies


Carrefour, the largest hypermarket in the Pitesti area, is located in Romania, and covers a total of 7000 square meters. When Carrefour needed HVAC and Fire Protection systems installed, Promteh, the contractor was torn between using a groove system application and traditional welding. After working with Victaulic’s Construction Piping Services, Promteh was convinced that Victaulic’s grooved piping system was the best solution for pipe expansion and contraction. In addition, using a grooved piping system allowed for a safer installation by eliminating the fire hazard produced by welding. By employing Victaulic solutions for heating, cooling and sprinkler systems, Carrefour Pitesti ensured a timely, safe installation – all while saving on cost and labor.

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