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Victaulic Case Studies


Dundurn Rural Water Utility (DRWU) is the biggest utility in Saskatchewan, providing water from Saskatoon to the southern rural municipalities. In November 2016, during installation of a new 3"/DN80 piping line, an existing 2"/DN50 HDPE line was hit by the contractor, subsequently causing a break that affected potable water service to nearby homes.

In the trench, with knee deep water and unfavorable weather temperatures of -2° C/28° F, the ability to quickly repair the line using traditional fusion or electrofusion would have been extremely challenging and time consuming. 

Turning to Victaulic, the contractor was able to get the water flowing in minutes by using Style 905 couplings. Part of the complete Victaulic Refuse-to-Fuse™ system for joining HDPE, this innovative coupling was stabbed onto plain end HDPE pipe, the other pipe end inserted, and the coupling tightened using a simple impact wrench. Visual pad to pad verification confirmed that each joint was properly installed. In mere minutes, using six Style 905 couplings, the system was back up and running, versus what would have taken at least an hour to fuse. Equipped with fluoropolymer coated nuts and bolts designed for buried services, the lines went back into operation underground for ongoing service.



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