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Victaulic Case Studies

EnerVest Hamm Tank Battery

EnerVest is one of the 25 largest oil and gas companies in the United States. EnerVest continues to grow with more than 36,000 wells across 15 states, 6.0 million acres under lease and $11 billion in assets under management. The most recent oil and gas facility, located in Decatur, Texas, was completed at the end of January in 2015.

EnerVest originally planned to poly fuse the piping for the tank battery’s poly load lines. However, after considering the advantages afforded by Victaulic's easy-to-install products, the contractor made the decision to install Victaulic instead. Corrosion is an issue in the area and Victaulic internally plastic coated (IPC) fittings and HP-70ES couplings were utilized on the oil, gas and water separators to help minimize corrosion opportunities and provide a holiday free system. Style 905 couplings for HDPE pipe are ready to install without the need for heat to fuse and were chosen due to the time savings they provide and the ease of installation. FX5 Construction estimated that the Style 905 couplings were able to be installed in half a day, while the poly fused method would have taken more than two days to complete.


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