Case Studies

Victaulic can be found in some of the most prestigious buildings globally. Browse through the Victaulic Case Studies to learn about the unique solutions provided by Victaulic technology and services.

Victaulic Case Studies


Kale Kilit, a leading lock and cylinder manufacturer of Turkey, planned to increase its manufacturing capacity two-fold by investing in its 100,000 sq.m factory in Çerkezköy Kapaklı Organized Industrial Zone.

When compared to a flanged system on galvanized piping, the ease and speed of installation of Victaulic products with proven joint reliability and economy, was enough to sway both the contractor and engineer to make the switch. The galvanized piping that was chosen to minimize corrosion couldn’t be welded as it would have damaged the pipe coating and release toxic fumes during installation. As a cold formed joint, Victaulic provided a safe installation and offered a range of galvanized products to further minimize corrosion at the joint.

The Victaulic Construction Piping Services team provided a 3D model of the piping systems for compressed and chilled water lines. The experienced CPS coordinators worked with Revit to draw and convert bill of materials, making the transition smooth and efficient.

Joining the piping using Victaulic Installation-Ready™ couplings with no loose parts and no disassembly before installation, requiring only four easy steps - lube, push, join and tighten, proved to be a big time saver. Also, the couplings work to create a permanent leak-tight seal, with no need for additional reinforcement. Victaulic Installation-Ready™ system insured consistent installation by being twice as fast as standard couplings resulted in substantial gains in productivity and time savings on the job.


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