Case Studies

Victaulic can be found in some of the most prestigious buildings globally. Browse through the Victaulic Case Studies to learn about the unique solutions provided by Victaulic technology and services.

Victaulic Case Studies


In 2014, construction started on a grassroot 695MW power station. Located approximately 725 km north of Winnipeg on the lower Nelson River, the plant was developed in a partnership between Manitoba Hydro and 4 Manitoba First Nations, collectively known as the Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership.

Needing to install 6"/DN150 compressed air lines using DR11 HDPE pipe, the contractor opted to use the Victaulic® Refuse-to-Fuse™ line of products. As an alternative to fusion, the system was easily joined using Victaulic Style 905 couplings, Style 907 transition couplings for outlet connections and HDPE fittings. The couplings, with no disassembly required, installed quickly and safely without the need and cost of specialized equipment and labour.

In addition to the rapid speed of installation, Victaulic offered another advantage in that it could be installed in any weather condition, without added heating and cooling time. With pressure performance that meets or exceeds rating of the pipe, the use of the Victaulic system on this project was an easy choice.



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