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Victaulic Case Studies

La Tour First - CB31 Tower - Phase II

The CB 31 or First Tower in the Défense business quarter of Paris was originally constructed in 1974 and since 2007 has undergone a major internal and external transformation. The CB 31 has been further extended from 159m to 225m, making it the highest skyscraper in France today. Completed in April 2011, the refurbishment also included an extension to the existing tower of a podium, a larger ground floor to introduce more light into the entrance hall of the tower and a new fire protection system.

When TPI/Vinci, the contractor managing the refurbishment at the tower, was looking at specifying the fire protection piping systems, key considerations were how to install both quickly and safely, particularly in the tight spaces available. Most critical however was that the standard higher pressure rating of the products the team would install had to be 20 bar. Victaulic met the specification and its fire protection devices are now installed throughout three floors of the underground parking. Victaulic couplings, fittings and sprinkler heads are also employed in all 51 floors of the tower and its risers.

Installing the FireLock NXT devices meant that TPI/Vinci was able to make huge time savings. Victaulic products were selected on the basis of stringent security criteria and product reliability, which are key when refurbishing such a tall structure.

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