Case Studies

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Victaulic Case Studies

Petrol Energetika - Ravne

In Ravnena Koroškemthe district heating site consists of three old boiler rooms,
totalling around 500 square metres. As part of the plan to refurbish the site,
everything except the walls in these facilities were demolished and two new boilers
were installed, with a combined capability of 26MW, and powered by natural gas
and diesel. These are then augmented with a set of three 2.766 MW cogeneration
motors to bring total heating energy capacity up to 35 MW on demand.
Makro 5 turned to mechanical pipe joining experts Victaulic to provide an
alternative and robust solution capable of meeting the compressed schedule
challenge. Victaulic successfully demonstrated that a 40%
time saving would be
delivered using its installation-ready couplings and the system was adopted.  
With pipe dimensions from 1 – 14"/DN25– DN350 and a maximum working
temperature of 110 C°/ 230 F Makro 5 employed a range of Victaulic solutions
including grooved couplings, fittings, valves, strainers, flanges, and expansion and
vibration absorption solutions.  
The install began with on-site training, and was completed in September 2011, 
less than three months after initiation.The piping was absolutely leak free and
Makro 5 was able to prepare the system for its start up in only one day. The system
has been running trouble free ever since.


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