Case Studies

Victaulic can be found in some of the most prestigious buildings globally. Browse through the Victaulic Case Studies to learn about the unique solutions provided by Victaulic technology and services.

Victaulic Case Studies


Built in 1963, the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre (ROPEC) is one of Canada's largest wastewater treatment facilities, providing secondary treatment of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater.

In June 2016, ROPEC underwent the first of four scheduled HVAC upgrades: the installation of a new glycol system. To facilitate rapid installation of the piping system, the contractor opted to use a complete Victaulic solution that included Installation-Ready™ couplings, Vic-300 MasterSeal™ butterfly valves, and fittings.

To connect four end suction pumps, the contractor took advantage of a new Victaulic product offering: Series 380 Discharge Vibration Isolation Pump Drops and Series 381 Suction Vibration Isolation Pump Drops. As catalog items, these complete one-piece drops arrived at the jobsite ready for installation, requiring only two field connections per pump drop to install.

The Victaulic pump drop solution dramatically increased productivity, enabling the contractor to install eight pump drops in one day. In addition to the significant installation time savings, the pump drops will provide a high level of performance and reliability. This includes noise reduction, expansion, contraction and deflection as well as a level of vibration isolation unmatched by traditional rubber bellows or flexible connectors.



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