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Victaulic Case Studies


The Simcoe Road Urbanization in the Bradford area includes full depth construction of the road and all Municipal Services. As a part of the project, twin sanitary forcemains with pumping stations were installed using HDPE pipe along Simcoe Road Line 5.

While project specification originally called for use of electrofusion to join this system, there were many challenges in using this installation method. As horizontal drilling of the pipe was required, this caused complications due to the condition of both the pipe and the site. There were also alignment issues resulting from the angle of the horizontal drilling installation, and cold temperatures of -16°C/3°F would have been a concern for electrofusion couplings.

The pipe was installed in a 12ft/3.7m deep trench and the alignment was a major concern. There were several space restraints due to position of the pipe in the trench and there was water and mud in the trench and inside the pipe making for tough conditions.

Eliminating the need for electrofusion, the innovative Victaulic Refuse-to-Fuse™ system for joining HDPE pipe was selected for this project. Designed for buried services, Victaulic Style 908 couplings with double grooved-end design represented a fast and easy solution perfect for this application.

Using a GC3300 tool, the HDPE pipe was grooved and joined using 20”/DN500 Style 908 couplings. Victaulic ensured rapid installation that could be performed using a standard impact tool, and in all weather conditions with no heating or cooling time required. Conditions inside and outside of the pipe were not a concern. In contrast, the preparation of this pipe and the volume of material required to be removed for the electrofusion coupling would be very difficult, if possible at all.

By using Victaulic, the contractor was able to achieve more than 50% installation time savings. An added benefit was the ability to visually verify proper installation of each 908 coupling, something not possible with electrofusion.


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