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Victaulic Case Studies

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - M Wing Expansion

To improve patient treatment, care, education and research a seven floor 300,000 sq.ft/27,870 sq.m addition was made to Sunnybrook Health Sciences main wing (M-Wing). Construction and occupancy of this extension was completed in two stages. The first five floors of the building were occupied in 2008 and the sixth and seventh floors were added in 2011.

As the first five floors of the facility had already been balanced to ensure comfortable and stable temperature throughout, engineers knew the addition of two new floors posed a challenge. In order to ensure balancing of the new floors was attainable while the first five floors of the facility remained occupied, Victaulic recommended use of the Series 793 TA Differential Pressure Controller (STAP). This allowed the correct pressure to be delivered to the coil and balancing valve. By eliminating pressure changes, the STAP Controller enables the balancing valve to maintain the proper flow rate at the coil and keep the system in balance. Most important, this product gave the ability to balance in stages, effectively isolating the two new floors from the rest of the building without need to rebalance the entire system. The STAP Controller also ensures that the system designed today remains balanced even with future expansion, renovations or mechanical equipment changes.

While hooking up over 250 reheat coils, the contractor used Victaulic Koil-Kit™ Coil Packs. Consisting of a strainer, TA balancing valve, union and two flexible hoses, Koil-Kit Coil Packs arrived at the job site pre-packaged for faster, easier installation. These packs dramatically improved productivity and material handling with the flexible hoses saving tremendous time.

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