Corporate History

Patented in 1919, Victaulic is the originator and world's leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. Originally known as The Victory Pipe Joint Company, Victaulic began to market a revolutionary new concept in the pipe fittings, couplings and pipe connector industry -- a mechanical bolted coupling that would engage into grooves and use a gasket seal.

The concept of the “victory joint”, joining pipe with bolted mechanical grooved couplings, originated during World War I for rapid deployment of fuel and water lines to Allied forces. Later, combining the words "Victory" and "Hydraulics" the company name was shortened to Victaulic, and the company began to shift its focus to commercial piping applications to market its new innovative method of joining pipe.

Throughout its innovative history, the company's enthusiasm for crafting unconventional piping solutions has allowed it to forge new paths as it tackles the industry's most unique challenges.

Today, Victaulic innovative piping technologies and services put people to work faster while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency, making them the leading manufacturer of grooved pipe fittings and couplings. The company has 15 major manufacturing facilities and 28 branches worldwide with 3,600 employees who speak 43 languages across the globe. With over 1,800 active global patents, Victaulic solutions are at work in more than 125 countries across diverse business lines including oil and gas, chemical, mining, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, military and marine, as well as commercial building and fire protection.



1919 - The Innovation Begins

Ernest Tribe, a British Royal Engineers Lieutenant and Dr. Henry Selby Hele-Shaw, a renowned engineer, finalized a patent application of the invention of the grooved mechanical coupling, filed on April 4, 1919.


1920s - New Markets

Victaulic introduces an AWWA-sized ductile iron system for use in municipal and water treatments markets.


1940s - Introduction of Wrench-Only Assembly

Victaulic introduces Style 99 Roust-a-Bout coupling for plain-end systems.


1950s - Pioneering Roll Grooving for Ease and Safety

Victaulic introduces roll grooving to the industry, making it far easier to prepare pipe for grooved couplings, grooved fittings and other components. 


1960s - Global Expansion and Vertical Integration

Victaulic opens various facilities throughout the United States, and establishes a program of vertical integration that is still in place today. During this time, the FlushSeal™ gasket and the first grooved coupling for joining copper tube are introduced to the market.


1970s - Pioneering the Industry

Victaulic achieves UL listing for roll grooved light wall pipe, and creates a fast and easy way to insert a mid-pipe outlet without welding, known as the bolted mechanical branch connect.


1980s - Improving and Innovation

Victaulic introduces the Zero-Flex™ rigid grooved coupling, the first truly rigid grooved coupling, using patented angle-pad design. Grooved flow control innovations are also introduced, including the first grooved suction diffuser, grooved check valve and grooved butterfly valves rated up to 300psi.


1990s - Revolutionary Small Diameter Systems

Victaulic introduces Pressfit, the press-to-connect system for small diameter stainless steel and carbon steel systems that installs in seconds. 


2005 - Faster and Stronger Joining for Large Diameter Systems

The patented Advanced Groove System (AGS) delivers exceptional results as the strongest Victaulic mechanical assembly system ever in its size range—14-60”/350-1525 mm.  

World’s First Completely Pre-assembled Rigid Coupling

Victaulic revolutionizes the fire protection industry by introducing the first grooved coupling featuring no loose parts—the FireLock EZ grooved coupling. 


2008 - Installation-Ready™ Market Expansions

Victaulic introduces the Style 107 and 607 QuickVic® installation-ready™ grooved couplings for copper and steel mechanical piping systems.


2009 - A World of Success

Victaulic introduces a number of specialty products across all markets, including the industry’s first installation-ready™ coupling for shouldered pipe; high-pressure grooved couplings for large diameter systems; The Victaulic Vortex fire suppression System—the world’s first sustainable fire suppression system; the LP-46 Low Pressure Storage Sprinkler for warehouse applications; Style 152A Expansion Joint coupling for pulverized coal boiler feed lines; and the Style 177 flexible installation-ready grooved coupling


2010 - More Than a Coupling

Victaulic develops a clean EPDM gasket that helps reduce microbial growth in reverse osmosis systems, and unveils a coupling for fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe. 


2012 - Continued Innovation...

Victaulic launches Vic-Press™, the industry’s first press system for off-the-shelf Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe.