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  • Matt Heaton, Owner

    In mission critical applications like data rooms and server spaces, the ability to provide fast, dependable fire suppression without any appreciable water presence or toxic chemicals is fantastic. At Bluehost, we are all about innovative technology. We look for flexible systems that can accommodate our specific needs, both in protecting equipment and people, as well as getting back up and running fast after an event. The Victaulic Vortex system offers all that and more — green technology, minimal water presence, effortless clean-up, economical recharge, immediate activation, no need for room integrity — this system simply has it all.

    Matt Heaton, Owner, BlueHost, USA

  • Rusty Gravitt, President

    In estimating project profitability, we know historically we can produce 75% more revenue per man-hour using Victaulic systems—primarily because the grooved and Pressfit solutions are so much faster to install. We can use fewer men per project using Victaulic than when using a traditional welding or thread and couple system. Victaulic allows us to be more accurate in the bid process because their system is much more predictable.

    Rusty Gravitt, President , Gainesville Mechanical Inc., Georgia, USA

  • Bulent Barutcu, Chief Mechanical Engineer

    It was recommended that we use a new ‘installation ready’ fire protection coupling from Victaulic—the Firelock EZ™ Style 009V. The results were significant: We were able to reduce man-hours on site by 35% and meet the tighter building deadlines.

    Bulent Barutcu, Chief Mechanical Engineer, MEP Construct International, Romania

  • Joey Doxey, Production Manager

    In the valve room, the pre-assembled valves and Vic-Quick risers really made the difference with keeping up with the tight schedule and saved a good three days of labor.  Also, working in a freezer space, the pre-assembled couplings helped ensure that the gaskets stayed dry and did not get water inside the seal.

    Joey Doxey, Production Manager, Hiller Systems, Chesapeake, Virginia

  • Gary Burns, President

    Close coordination between Victaulic and Poole & Kent was necessary due to the tight confines within all mechanical rooms. To Victaulic’s credit, their attention to detail and sense of urgency to complete the drawing process resulted in a detailed drawing package that allowed [us] to seamlessly install multiple layers of piping within all mechanical spaces. The amount of detail on the Victaulic drawing packages helped [us] to manage our labor costs more efficiently.

    Gary Burns, President, Poole & Kent an Emcor Company, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Mike Bridges, Project Director 

    We have been working with the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) for over 30 years on refurbishments at Wimbledon, however Centre Court is our biggest project to date.  It is our aim that all the pipework will be installed, tested and lagged before the winter, and we are well on our way to achieving this target thanks to partnerships such as the one we have with Victaulic.

    Mike Bridges, Project Director , Galiford Try , London, England

  • Basheer Massad, Project Manager

    Being able to demonstrate to [the owner] on paper the inherent savings to cost as well as speed of the Victaulic system made my life a lot less stressful. I was able to order the product well in advance and time its arrival onsite to coincide with each stage of the job.

    Basheer Massad, Project Manager , BK Gulf, Dubai, UAE

  • Greg Lee, President

    We were able to show the engineering team that by using Victaulic grooved products, they would get a consistent roll grooved piping system and Schedule 10 piping could be used instead of cut-grooved Schedule 40 pipe. The move to Schedule 10 led to an approximate 50% savings in pipe materials overall.

    Greg Lee, President, DFW Fire Protection, Inc. , Dallas Texas

  • Jules Petrinec

    The grooved piping method is the most versatile, reliable and economical system available for joining pipes on a project of this nature. It’s up to three times faster than welding, easier than threading or flanging, and offers the combination of mechanical advantages required for a tower installation.

    Jules Petrinec , Paul Ellard-Willson & Associates, Toronto, Canada

  • Jamal Al Khayat

    We were faced with the challenge to complete our Fresh Water Storage System project for Chevron, Kuwait in a short amount of time.  Due to the utilization of the Victaulic grooved piping system and the on-site support provided by the Victaulic sales engineer, we were able to complete the project ahead of time. Construction Piping Services (CPS) provided support to coordinate the plans and materials on site, and support the labor estimate. The use of pre-fabrication at our workshop also supported on-time completion. The owner is fully convinced that the Victaulic grooved piping system was the right fit for their project, and we look forward to a continued partnership with Victaulic for future projects.

    Jamal Al Khayat, Arabi Company W.L.L. Safat, Kuwait