Our Company

The Victaulic Sourcing Department is responsible for the acquisition of products and services required by Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Distribution and Administrative functions of the company.

Our Mission

To manage the acquisition of products and services needed to support the requirements of Victaulic's engineering, sales and marketing, manufacturing, distribution and financial functions. We will accomplish this while adhering to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility, ethics and professionalism.

Guiding Principles

  • To always respond to requirements with an appropriate sense of urgency, with customer satisfaction being the primary basis for setting priorities.

  • To develop meaningful, long-term relationships with a limited number of qualified, reliable suppliers.

  • To solve problems using a root cause analysis process.

  • To do what we say we will do or, if circumstances beyond our control keep us from doing so, to provide feedback to those whom we have made commitments.

  • To always treat both internal and external suppliers and customers with respect, courtesy and attentiveness, preserving and protecting Victaulic Company’s public image.

  • To conduct negotiations and contracting as if it were our own business, seeking the best overall business value for our efforts.

  • To continually pursue professional education and to integrate new ideas and concepts into our business practices.

  • To conduct our business within the department in the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and mutual support.

  • To operate within the guidelines of company and departmental policies, procedures and instructions.

The Victaulic Sourcing Department is responsible for the acquisition of products and services required by Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Distribution and Administrative functions of the company. The following information outlines competencies necessary for Victaulic suppliers to adhere to, as well as the Standard Terms and Conditions.

General Requirements:

  • Commitment - During the course of business it is frequently necessary for direct contact to occur between technical, manufacturing, or other disciplines from Victaulic and our suppliers. However, only Purchasing Personnel are authorized to commit company funds for goods and services outside of Victaulic. This authorization is usually conveyed in writing via a hard copy of a Company Purchase Order, but may also be conveyed by an alternate written or verbal method. Should any Victaulic Personnel outside of the Purchasing Department request that materials or services be provided for which the supplier expects to be compensated, it is the responsibility of the supplier to immediately contact Victaulic Company’s Purchasing Department for authorization to proceed. Invoices for material or services provided without authorization may not be paid.

  • Tooling - Defined as any specially designed patterns, molds, dies, tools, fixtures and inspection gages used in the manufacturing process. It is the policy of Victaulic to own tooling used by suppliers to make Victaulic proprietary products and parts. In most cases, this tooling will be contracted and paid for separately and is not to be amortized into the piece price of the parts being supplied. All tooling paid for by Victaulic is the property of and for the exclusive use of Victaulic. Our suppliers will be responsible for maintaining a current list of Victaulic tooling in their possession, for performing routine maintenance and upkeep and for safeguarding it from damage, pilferage and unauthorized use. Victaulic will be responsible for the replacement of tooling at the end of its useful life or when rendered obsolete by an unauthorized design change or modification. Victaulic does maintain insurance coverage on tooling which we own and which is in the possession of our suppliers. Victaulic may, at any time, request that this tooling be packaged and shipped to any location as specified in writing by an authorized Victaulic Purchasing representative.

  • Inventory - All material required for Victaulic Production use will be contracted for in writing. Should Victaulic Company's requirements change as a result of obsolescence, design change or change in customer requirements, Victaulic will be responsible for all finished goods for which we have formally committed.  The disposition of all work in process material or raw material in supplier inventory, which is specific to Victaulic Company's requirements and unusable for alternate use, will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.  The supplier is responsible for maintaining reasonable levels of safety stock as mutually agreed upon, as well as to maintain records for Victaulic-owned material. The supplier will be responsible for employing appropriate safeguards and systems to adequately control and account for material sent to them for processing.  The supplier may also be required to perform an annual physical inventory of all Victaulic-owned material.

  • Manufacturing Process Control - The Supplier Approval Process includes an audit of the supplier’s manufacturing facility to ensure that appropriate process controls exist to assure consistent product quality. It is the supplier’s responsibility to inform the Victaulic Buyer of any significant process changes that take place which affects the way that any Victaulic material is manufactured.

Standard Terms and Conditions:

  • Invoicing - It is the supplier’s responsibility to verify that the information contained on the purchase order is correct. Victaulic will pay the purchase order price if the invoice is higher. Victaulic must be notified of any discrepancies. All invoices are to include purchase order number, purchase order line number, description, quantity, net and gross weight, (if applicable), Victaulic part number, and both unit and extended price. Payment terms used will be those shown on the purchase order. 

  • Delivery - Due date and total quantity ordered are expected to be met as stated on purchase order.  The due date shown on the purchase order is the date the materials are to be delivered to Victaulic Company's dock. Product may be delivered up to five (5) days prior to the delivery date shown, but no later.  The quantity must be shipped complete in a single shipment unless otherwise directed in writing.  The buyer must approve partial deliveries prior to shipment.  Acknowledgements are only required when changes are noted.  Requirements for packaging, marking, and scheduling of deliveries are available by Victaulic specification #, or assigned commodity manager/buyer.

Freight Routing Guidelines:

  • Parcel Shipment - UPS if weight is less than 210 pounds and LTL by accordance of the Freight Routing Guide.

  • Larger Palletized and Loose Carton Shipment - LTL by accordance of the Freight Routing Guide.

  • Shipments Over 18,000 Pounds - Truckload carrier specified by Victaulic.

  • Bulk Raw Material - Truckload carrier specified by Victaulic.

  • International Inbound/Outbound Shipments - Use freight forwarder or carrier specified by Victaulic.

Becoming a Victaulic Supplier

To become a supplier, vendors must successfully complete the Supplier Approval Process:

  1. The first step of the Supplier Approval Process requires suppliers' complete, sign and return preliminary forms including a confidentiality agreement which can be done online by clicking the Submit Documents tab. ISO certifications, self-audit questionnaire forms and a site visit may also be required before the next step is taken.

  2. Once these documents have been received and approved, the potential supplier will continue to the next phase of the Supplier Approval Process, conducted by the Quality Assurance Department.

  3. When the supplier meets the Supplier Quality Requirements including the ability to manufacture the product to defined specifications and have a quality program that exercises control over its manufacturing process, subcontractor and material suppliers, only then will the supplier be considered an approved Victaulic supplier.

If a supplier is called upon for production, there may be additional requirements in order to proceed to full production. The 7-Step Production Start-Up process details the criteria to go from approved supplier to production launch.

NOTE: Supplier Approval does not guarantee business to your company.

Supplier Approval Process

Commodity Managers:
The following documents must be submitted to identify a prospective supplier. These documents relate to the commitment and quality that Victaulic looks for when selecting a potential supplier.

  1. Contact Information

  2. Questionnaire

  3. Confidential Business and Technical Agreement

  4. Certificate of Insurance (with expiration date)

  5. Contract Terms and Conditions (must be signed for Victaulic to place the order)

Quality Assurance:
The following documents and templates are used by the Victaulic Quality Assurance Department to analyze prospective supplier information.

Documents for Submission

Prospective suppliers can submit the necessary documents to be evaluated for supplier approval. These include confidentiality agreements, quality audit form questionnaires and terms and conditions of purchase. Company brochures and ISO certifications may also be submitted below.

1. Quality Audit Questionaires:

2. Confidentiality Agreement

3. Certificate of Insurance

4. Terms and Conditions of Purchase


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