Level Control Valve - Series 866-482 for Fire Protection

"Always Full" Fire Reservoir

Ideal for High Level reservoirs and water towers

Safer firewater filling

Self operation with No Float

Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation

The Series 866-482 Level Control valve is a hyrdaulically controlled, diaphragm actuated control valve that shuts off at pre-set high reservoir level and opens in response to drop, keeping the reservoir full, sensed by the high sensitivity altitude pilot valve mounted on the main valve.

Line-pressure driven - Independent operation

No Float - Simple installation

One-piece molded elastomeric moving part - High integrity safer system

Dynamically restrained actuation

  • Non-slam closing

Balanced rolling diaphragm

  • High flow capacity
  • Very low operation pressure required

External Installation

  • Easy access to valve
  • Easy level setting
  • Less wear and tear

In-Line Serviceable - Easy maintenance


  • Series No: 866-482

Product availability:

  • Canada
  • United States/Mexico
Level Control Valve - Series 866-482 for Fire Protection


  • Series 866 Level Control Submittal



    English - pdf (598 KB)


  • Victaulic Hydraulic Control Solutions for Fire Protection



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