Pressure Relief Valve - Series 867-459 for Fire Protection

The series 867-459 combines fire pump relief with a pre-opening feature to anticipate pump start-up suge.  The valve opens fully by means of an electric override upon pump start-up and continues to function as a pressure relief valve.  The valve performs reliably in high capacity fire pump systems.

Available in the United States of America and Canada

Hydraulically powered valve design - Eliminates jamming problems

One-piece molded single moving part - No maintenance required

Dual pilot valve parallel system, hydraulic & electric

Quick response with minimal power requirement

Continues to act as a relief valve upon electricity failure

Hydro-efficient body design

  • Wide operating range
  • Unrestricted flow path

In-line servicable - Minimal down time

  • Series No: 867-459

Product availability:

  • Canada
  • United States/Mexico
Pressure Relief Valve - Series 867-459 for Fire Protection


  • Series 867 Pressure Reducing and Pressure Control Submittal



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