Flexible Composite Coupling - Style 171

The Style 171 composite flexible coupling featuring Victaulic installation-ready™ technology is an engineered composite coupling for use where corrosive conditions exist. The coupling's unique design eliminates loose parts and provides substanial gains in productivity. It is recommended for service from full vacuum (29.9 in Hg/760mm Hg) up to 150 psi/1034 kPa, depending on pipe material and pipe wall thickness. The Style 171 is rated for use within an operating temperature range of +33°F/+1°C to +130°F/+54°C).

Comes standard with the Victaulic Grade "E2" gasket.  The Grade "E2" gasket is only available for use with the Style 171 coupling.

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  • Style: 171

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Flexible Composite Coupling - Style 171