Come work for an innovative industry leader. Victaulic has what you’re looking for—career opportunities, professional development, excellent benefits, a collaborative work environment and the chance to use your skills to solve some of the world’s most challenging projects.

Why work at Victaulic? Get answers from the source: Victaulic employees from across the globe.

Hilary Schmidt
Global R&D Process Engineer, Pennsylvania

After graduating from college, Victaulic offered me a position in their rotational engineering program. This program allowed me to familiarize myself with the company while improving and expanding my engineering skills. I was then able to use that knowledge to find the department that was the best fit for me and the company. Victaulic clearly values professional development and their rotational programs are perfect examples of this.

Joe Brown
Application Developer, Pennsylvania

“Victaulic’s Virtual Design and Construction team is incredibly forward-thinking. We’re always looking for new ways to engage our customers by incorporating new technology, like gamification and virtual reality, into our services. Being on the cutting edge generates leads and contacts, and distinguishes Victaulic from our competitors.”

Santiago Vila
Santiago Vila, Sales Engineer, Spain

Victaulic has a long term strategy that is refreshing. With other multinational companies, they’re focused more on immediate success. With Victaulic, it’s different. It’s a privately owned company, and we take the time to strategize long-term and think about, produce and sell what our customers really need.

Jarle Amble
Regional Sales Manager, Nordic Region

The potential for being successful at Victaulic, and in this industry, is huge. We launch new systems constantly, and our customers see this. We’re the only one in the market with these great products, and we’re growing each day because of that innovation.

Michael Jackson
Territory Sales Manager, San Francisco, CA

Working at other companies, my experience was that you come in, do the HR paperwork, and they push you out the door. At Victaulic, the training was different and incredible. We were educated in the classroom and in the field, and had the chance to meet and learn from senior level management. At other companies, you’d never have the opportunity to talk to top-level guys. It gave me confidence in the leadership of the company, and my own ability to do my job.