Come work for an innovative industry leader. Victaulic has what you’re looking for—career opportunities, professional development, excellent benefits, a collaborative work environment and the chance to use your skills to solve some of the world’s most challenging projects.

Why work at Victaulic? Get answers from the source: Victaulic employees from across the globe.

Jarle Amble
Regional Sales Manager, Nordic Region

The potential for being successful at Victaulic, and in this industry, is huge. We launch new systems constantly, and our customers see this. We’re the only one in the market with these great products, and we’re growing each day because of that innovation.

Jase Rouleau
Territory Sales Manager, Washington State Region

From the day you get to Victaulic and start training, you realize that you’re selling the best of the best. You have a Research and Development Department behind you, constantly innovating and evolving the existing product line, creating new products and making the necessary acquisitions to give the sales force a better position in the market. The sales force has this thoroughbred behind us and giving us the right tools to go out and impact the markets we work within.

Pankaj Soni
Country Manager, India

Victaulic is a strong, globally-minded company with wise leadership. We know where we want to go, and we make it happen. There is long-term strategy embedded in everything we do, which gives me confidence that this company will continue helping me achieve my dreams.

Sergio Ramírez
Territory Sales Manager, Mexico

There are customers that have been doing things the same way for decades, they weld, they flange, they do traditional joining methods. We get to go in and convert them, showing them how Victaulic can save them money by saving time. There is a direct relationship between time and money.

Tom Zimmer
Regional Sales Manager, Rocky Mountain Region

The resources that the sales team is given in terms of the product we’re selling and the team behind us is outstanding. I don’t think many companies in the mechanical or construction industries have the pool of resources we have, from engineering, to research and development, to sales support.