Discover the QuickVic™ SD
Installation-Ready™ System

  • Carbon steel thread vs. QuickVic™ SD
    • Up to 4x faster than threaded joints
    • Up to 90% time savings on leak fixes
    • Eliminates the mess and hassle of threading
  • Carbon and stainless steel press vs. QuickVic™ SD
    • Up to 50% less cost for fittings
    • No "kicking" joints
    • No jaw sets or special tools for calibration
  • Copper press vs. QuickVic™ SD
    • Up to 60% cost savings on pipe
    • No joint cutouts equal 2-5% savings
    • No false positives or unintended separations
  • Copper sweat vs. QuickVic™ SD
    • Up to 60% cost savings on pipe
    • Up to 25% labor savings
    • No fire watch or risk of property damage due to fire

See what customers are saying about the benefits of using QuickVic™ SD

High Rise Residential
"The customer estimated that QuickVic SD installed up to three times faster than it would have taken to install and inspect a threaded piping system. This equates to time that hotel guests were not without amenities, resulting in savings for everyone involved."
— Marriott Hotel Project
"The success of the installation as it relates to both time savings and system cleanliness has been the determining factor in implementing this joining methodology to all future projects involving heating and cooling systems."
— Brad Hedblom, President of Omega
"Using Victaulic enabled us to install the complete boiler piping system in half the time with less labour, elbow grease and equipment. Less joints were needed, and we really liked how easy it was to make changes. We forgot a valve on one section, but adding it in took minimal time with no wasted material."
— Celeb Postma, Technician at Postma Heating & Cooling

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  • QuickVic™ SD is designed for non-fire protection commercial and industrial applications.