• Lined and Coated Piping Systems

    Lined and Coated Piping Systems

    Extended Life (XL) 1 1/2 & 3D Elbows and Couplings

    Patented XL technology can extend the life of abrasive systems by up to 3 times

  • Mining Above Ground

    Mining Above Ground

    Get plants up and running sooner, reduce down time during maintenance and make changes quickly and easily.

  • Abrasive Services

    Abrasive Services

    Frequent maintenance and downtime is dramatically reduced on Victaulic piping systems.

  • Underground piping

    Underground piping

    Flexible Victaulic couplings allow for deflection when installing pipe over uneven surfaces

  • Air and Water Services

    Air and Water Services

    Save energy costs and reduce air loss with Victaulic grooved systems.

Victaulic is the single supplier of pipe connectors with unique mechanical pipe joining system solutions and a comprehensive product line for mining’s most demanding services. For over 85 years, Victaulic has developed faster, safer and more efficient mining piping systems & pipe joining technologies. Victaulic mining pipe fittings, couplings & other pipe joining systems benefit owners, engineers, installers and maintenance personnel for both above ground & underground mining pipe systems.

Mine owners
  • Total installed cost reduced by up to 50%
  • Victaulic mining pipe fitings, couplings & mechanical pipe connectors are safer and faster to install reducing opportunity for injuries
  • Keeps plants running more efficiently by drastically reducing the time required for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
Specifying engineers and system designers
  • Design versatility not found in other pipe joining systems methods
  • Unparalleled expansion, contraction, deflection capabilities
  • Visual verification of joint integrity
Piping installers
  • Faster installation without the need for special tools
  • Cold formed joint eliminates fire hazards and fumes associated with welded systems
Mining maintenance personnel
  • Downtime reduced by up to 66%
  • Reusable parts expedite maintenance

Since 1925 Victaulic has developed a number of innovative pipe joining technologies designed for reliable, worry-free service under the most severe conditions imaginable. Victaulic has designed multiple joining systems for abrasive systems that extend the life of the system. When maintenance is required Victaulic products reduce the time required for maintenance by up to 66%.

Abrasive Services

Victaulic products are found on many piping applications from air and water supply lines to the high pressure demands of dewatering lines. A full line of grooved couplings, mining pipe fittings and valves specifically tailored to the demands of the mining industry provide the fastest mechanical pipe joining system today.

Air and Water Services for Mining

Victaulic grooved pipe joining systems have been installed successfully on thousands of utility piping systems worldwide.

Potable Water

FireLock® couplings, valves, fittings, sprinklers, installation-ready FireLock EZ® couplings and VicFlex™ Sprinkler Fittings provide efficient, dependable wet mining piping system assembly.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems