Driving sustainability in our value chain, enabling circularity in construction.

We're proud champions of the only pipe joining method that fully delivers on circularity.

  • Our products are made from up to 98% recycled content using the cleanest technology, and are recyclable back into their original state.
  • Our solutions make piping systems infinitely reconfigurable, significantly reducing pipe waste. Pipe can be disassembled, cleaned and reused or repurposed at end of system life, reducing single-use materials.
  • We minimize supply chain impact and support local communities by sourcing and producing close to our markets.

Sustainable Construction Solutions

Victaulic provides the only pipe joining method that enables circularity in construction.


Made from recycled content


Zero installation emissions


Infinitely reconfigurable


Recyclable at end-of-life

Delivering a sustainable value chain for our people and partners.

We've long been a supporter of the pillars of sustainability

  • environmental consciousness
  • care for people
  • ethical business conduct

We are working to keep pace with fast-moving global sustainability standards and to do what it takes to fully serve our people and partners. To that end, we invite you to read our sustainability report.

Our sustainability report aims to reinforce a heritage founded on sustainability principles, demonstrate our commitments, and formalize a foundation for future progress.


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Reducing our impact on the planet.

Beyond enabling circularity in construction, we're taking a close look at our value chain and its impact on our carbon footprint - to help you reduce yours.

Carbon Footprint

  • We manufacture close to the markets we serve, allowing us to quickly serve customers while cutting transportation emissions.
  • Our electric induction furnaces produce over 85% less CO2 per ton of steel than the basic blast furnaces. We're committed to manufacturing using sustainable materials and the cleanest processes, and exploring ways of further improving efficiency to cut emissions.
  • We're working to help customers better understand the environmental considerations of using our products and solutions in construction.


Circular Economy

  • Resource conservation is integral to our production. Our ductile iron products are made using up to 98% high-quality, graded steel scrap, reducing facility waste and allowing us to reuse existing materials rather than new natural resources.
  • We prioritize reliability and long-term performance results in product development, and routinely test beyond rated performance to ensure long life.
  • We consider end-of-life scenarios within our innovation process: recycle or reuse and repurpose. Victaulic solutions make piping systems infinitely reconfigurable - at end of system life, pipe can be disassembled, cleaned and reused/repurposed, reducing waste.
  • We're exploring ways to reduce or eliminate sending waste to landfills through both waste-reduction strategies and beneficial reuse programs wherever it's possible.


Our responsibility to our people and society.

We are driven to foster a culture of care that prioritizes the success and well-being of our people, our customers, and our community.

Our People

  • It's essential that we create an equitable and inclusive environment for all, where ideas are shared and opinions heard - and we're working to ensure it.
  • We are working to better understand our employees, what's important to them, and how we can continue to make Victaulic work better for everyone.


  • Our employees deserve a safe and healthy workplace. We exceed the acceptable safety standards in our business categories.
  • We include installer, site and project safety as part of our holistic view of safety in our product development process.
  • Our training offering includes comprehensive safety training and support to help ensure our customers and their workers stay safe.

Our Community and Partners

  • In the communities where our employees live and our business operates, we're focused on creating opportunities for all and a better environment for those at risk.
  • We offer robust support to our employees in their own efforts to build better communities.
  • We are engaging with our value chain partners on human rights and holding them to the same high standards that guide us internally.


A promise of ethical conduct.

For over 100 years, Victaulic has committed to conducting business lawfully and ethically in every country and location where we operate. Integrity is the foundation upon which we were built. We know it's a major reason for our successful history and just as essential for a successful future.


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Responsible Value Chain

  • We work tirelessly to ensure compliance with the rules governing external business dealings and partners.
  • We run comprehensive due diligence on new and existing value chain partners to eliminate risks.
  • We are a collaborative partner in this effort. We seek to work together in good faith to help maintain the integrity of our entire value chain.

Corporate Governance

  • We're committed to having an effective compliance and ethics program in every location where Victaulic does business.
  • We actively encourage streams of feedback from our employees and beyond. We know the strength of our compliance and ethics program rests on our commitment to discretion, nonretaliation and board oversight.
  • The privacy and data integrity of our people, our business and our industry partners are essential, and we're committed to developing the policies, procedures and technology to protect them.

Victaulic Sustainability Resources

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Resource Number Downloads Collection
Sustainability Report 2022 Sustainability Report
Supplier Code of Conduct V03-2022
Conflict Minerals Policy Statement CFM-Version 1
REACH Policy REACH-Version 1
Commitment to Human Rights CTHR-Version 1
Freedom of Association Policy FOA-Version 1
DEI Statement DEI-Version 1
EEOC Statement EEOC-Version 1
Anti-Human Trafficking & Slavery Statement ATHT-Version 2
Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy ABAC-Version 1