The purpose of the Awareness Line is to report Code of Conduct violations, suspected violations or to express concerns. The Awareness Line is confidential, easy to use and always available. The Awareness Line is operated by a third-party provider, Navex Global. Reports can be made online or by calling the toll-free number for your region. Both methods are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system will assign you a report number and PIN. If you think of something else or additional events occur after you completed your initial report, you can call or log back in with your report number and PIN.

Employees are encouraged to first approach their manager or supervisor or a leader on the contact list below with concerns or reports. If that’s not possible, you’ll also find toll-free numbers where available, instructions for toll calls in other regions, and a link to the online reporting tool. You can report anonymously, as permitted by local law, though identifying yourself simplifies follow-up.

Employees in some countries/regions are limited by local law in the violations categories to which they may file reports and/or the personal identifying information which they may provide using the reporting phone lines and online tool. If you are reporting from a country where local law prohibits anonymous reporting, be assured that Victaulic will preserve confidentiality throughout the follow-up process whenever possible.

Online Reporting

Toll-free Numbers
Australia (Optus)  AT&T Direct® Access (1-800-551-155) + 866-842-2927
Australia (Telstra)  AT&T Direct® Access (1-800-881-011) + 866-842-2927
Belgium  AT&T Direct® Access (0-800-100-10) + 866-842-2927
Brazil  0800-892-1872
Canada  1-866-842-2927
China  4008822025
Germany  AT&T Direct® Access (0-800-2255-288) + 866-842-2927
India  AT&T Direct® Access (000-117) + 866-842-2927
Italy  AT&T Direct® Access (800-172-444) + 866-842-2927
Korea (DACOM)  AT&T Direct® Access (0030-911) + 866-842-2927
Korea (Korea Telecom)  AT&T Direct® Access (0072-911) + 866-842-2927
Korea (ONSE)  AT&T Direct® Access (0036-911) + 866-842-2927
Mexico  001-877-615-4831
Poland + 1-866-842-2927
Spain  AT&T Direct® Access (900-99-00-11) + 866-842-2927
Sweden  AT&T Direct® Access (020-799-111) + 866-842-2927
Taiwan  AT&T Direct® Access (00-801-10-288-0) + 866-842-2927
United Kingdom (BT)  AT&T Direct® Access (0800 89 0011) + 866-842-2927
United Kingdom (C&W)  AT&T Direct® Access (0500 89 0011) + 866-842-2927
United States  1-866-842-2927
United Arab Emirates  AT&T Direct® Access (8000-021) + 866-842-2927

Don't see your country listed? You can acess the toll-free Awareness Line by first dialing the correct AT&T Direct® Access number found through the link below, then calling the United States number 866-842-2927 (Select the first letter of your country name to find the appropriate country and AT&T Direct® Access number)


Contact List

Regional Compliance Officers

United States: Darin Lueders

Asia Pacific: Gordon Lu

Canada: Eric Van den Berghe

Mexico, Caribbean & South America: David Quevedo

Middle East, Africa & India: Karen Dumery

Chief Legal and Administrative Officer: Mark Van De Voorde

Director of Internal Audit and Compliance: Stephanie Hill