Compliance Policies & Corporate Governance


Our commitment to conducting our business ethically and responsibly is an essential part of our identity. It helps forge the products and value we deliver to our partners. It has long driven us to prize and promote sustainability. We are constantly working to support our stakeholders in meeting their own goals and standards, and we will continue to be a positive contributor to our industry, our community and the world.


We're founded and built on an innovation that enables circularity in construction, and we're driving sustainability in our value chain. Yet we recognize there is always more to do - beginning with formalizing a foundation for future progress. Read our sustainability report for a complete picture.


Corporate Compliance

Victaulic is committed to conducting business lawfully, ethically and professionally in every location where we operate. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in all interactions with employees, customers and local communities. We recognize this as a key reason for our successful history and just as essential for a successful future.

Human Rights & Labor

We have a foundational respect for universal human rights and equal opportunity for all, as well as the right of all employees to associate freely. At Victaulic, we require our employees and suppliers to act in accordance with these principles.



We are committed to compliance with our obligations under the REACH chemical safety regulation and the U.S. Conflict Minerals Rule. Here are the policies we've established to guide our efforts as well as those of our partners.


Victaulic maintains a confidential, always-available awareness line to report Code of Conduct violations or suspected violations, or to express concerns. Click below to learn more about it, as well as for guidance in complying with import/export laws and regulations and to see our guiding principles forworking with our suppliers and download our Supplier Code of Conduct.